Dexter Series Fan Fiction (Spoilers)

A hypothesis on how Season 8 of Dexter might play out. At the end of Season 7 Debra and Dexter Morgan kill Maria LaGuerta and frame it to look like a shooting between her and an ex-con. Though this scenario seems convincing at first to the police, several discrepancies related to the crime scene lead to the FBI stepping in and a much larger investigation ensues under the lead of Special Agent Pelle Cophs, a ruthless investigator who takes nothing at face value and trusts nobody. Agent Cophs soon comes to suspect that, although there’s good evidence on Doakes being the Bay Harbor Butcher, he may have had an accomplice…

This story is a work in progress, feel free to send me suggestions on how to improve it. (Serious Story)


Working on Chapter 8 at the moment, first 7 are up.


1. I don’t own Dexter and other associated trademarks, this is a fan fiction.

2. All characters and events in this writing are purely fictional, any resemblance with a real person or event is purely coincidental.

3. The description of legal procedures, legal entities or locations in Miami in this writing are not necessarily factually correct and shouldn’t be relied on for legal advice under any circumstance.

4. The storyline is pure speculation. I have no clue what will happen in Season 8. The story is only intended to be factually compatible with the events of the first 7 seasons.

5. NEVER take the law into your own hands, if you do, it’s you alone who are responsible for your actions. Dexter is fiction, not a counter-forensics or vigilante guide. Live in reality, not in the movies.

6. YES! Pelle Cophs is loosely based on LA Noire’s detective Cole Phelps which is of course based on Pastor Fred Phelps. God hates serial killers! Smite the sons of Cain with the sword of justice!

THE CHAPTERS: (in order)

1. Never Trust a Killer

2. Forensics Never Life

3. Covering Your Tracks… Again

4. Senor Doakes Sends His Regards

5. Connect the Dots

6. Who Is Deb Now?

7. Hello, Joseph Quinn

8. Surprise Again, Mother ****er! [To Be Continued…]

CHAPTER 1: Never Trust a Killer

Dexter: “Deb?” no response.
Dexter: “Deb! You have been sitting in that same couch for three hours now, staring at the wall, please… just snap out of it.”
Debra turns her look to me with a heavy frown on her face.
Debra: “Snap out of it? Dexter, how the fuck do I snap out of being an accomplice to one of the most prolific serial killers in history? The bad guys… I get it, but this…”
Dexter: “What do you mean?”
Debra becomes hysterical.
Debra: “You know exactly what I mean you heartless bastard.” she breaks out in tears “James Doakes, Rita Morgan, Louis Greene, Maria LaGuerta, all of them were innocent people and God knows how many more innocents have died directly or… indirectly, either because of your fucked up ‘hobby’ or just so you wouldn’t get exposed to the rest of the world for the psychopath you really are.”
Dexter: “Deb…”
Debra: “And to make matters worse, you’ve dragged me into this, I’m the fucking Lieutenant of Homicide and yet my hands are stained with blood that I’ll never wash off. I’ve spent my whole adult life building a career as an honest cop and you’ve managed to destroy that in less than two months. I should have turned you in the minute you…” I interrupt her.
Dexter: “Deb! First of all, you’re still on the force, second, I did not kill Doakes, I was even contemplating turning myself in when Lila found out and got rid of him…”
Debra: “To protect you.”
Dexter: “Sure but, have you forgotten how bad the men and women on my table were? Mike Donovan the child molester and murderer, you weren’t even close to catching him. Arthur Mitchell, The Trinity Killer, I found him in a matter of days when the FBI couldn’t in 30 years. He killed hundreds and would have killed again.”
Debra: “Oh, so those innocents are just fucking statistics to you? How many innocent lives saved was Rita worth? 10? 20? 50?”

I didn’t know what to reply. I opened my mouth but no words came out. I do remember Doakes’ exact words 5 years ago:

Doakes: “Sooner or later, you’ll hurt someone else. I’m talking about your sister or your girlfriend or even those kids.”
Dexter: “I would never…”
Doakes: “No, not on purpose, but you can’t control the shit that’s growing inside of you. It’s like cancer.”

Debra: “Thought so…”
Dexter: “Deb, Louis Greene died because he trespassed on my boat and Isaac found him there, I warned Louis to never touch my things. And LaGuerta was going to put us both away, she had warrants to obtain the GPS data on our phones and place us at Travis Marshall’s murder, that plus the footage from the gas station. Besides, you were the one who pulled the trigger on LaGuerta!”
Debra slaps me.
Debra: “Don’t remind me. Ever. Any minute now someone will probably find the bodies and we’ll be called in, I hope for your sake, and mine, they pin it on Estrada.”
Dexter: “Look, we went through this, I couldn’t just get rid of LaGuerta’s body, after that stunt she pulled at the station, accusing me in front of everyone of being the Bay Harbor Butcher, it would have looked too suspicious. And I couldn’t let her live either so this is our best chance to end this.”
Debra: “And then there’s Hannah fucking McKay on the loose. Fuck!”
Dexter: “I know, I realized she had broken out when I found that plant in front of my doorstep on New Year’s Day. Don’t worry about her for now. She loves me too much to kill me and she knows that if anything happens to you, there’s no turning back.”
Debra: “Holy Christ, Dexter, you really can’t get over that killer bitch, can you?”

Several hours later…

Debra’s cell phone is ringing.

Debra: “Yes? … LaGuerta? … Fuck! Yes, we’ll be right there, sir.” Debra ends the call.
Dexter: “They found LaGuerta?”
Debra: “That would be an understatement, we’ve stirred up a fucking hornet’s nest, Dex. The commissioner, the news, the IA, fuck, everyone is there and this is going to get ugly. This is no ordinary murder, this is the Captain of Miami Metro remember?”
Dexter: “I’ll probably be getting a call soon as well, we should get going.”
Debra: “You better hope they don’t find evidence linking us to it. You didn’t take any fucking blood slides from LaGuerta too did you?”
Dexter: “Ha ha! Very funny, Deb…” not really.

3rd January 2012
Miami Docks
8:41 PM

I get out of the car with Debra by my side. Police cars all around the scene, the flashing lights, the sounds of photographs being taken from the crime scene, curious civilians and a horde of even more curious reporters getting restless. Wouldn’t be the first time I was called to investigate my own crime scene. Thomas Matthews is here too and most likely will be taking LaGuerta’s place as Captain. Angel Batista is also here.

Matthews: “Dexter, Debra, they’re waiting for you in that container over there. Don’t worry about the car, Masuka already checked it out and it’s clean.”
Dexter: “What happened exactly?”
Matthews: “That’s where you come in. Masuka is already in there waiting for you. We found LaGuerta dead, shot along with Hector Estrada and by the looks of it there was a shooting between the two. Well, there goes LaGuerta’s crazy conspiracy theory about you chopping up Estrada, putting him in garbage bags and dumping him in the ocean, eh?”
Dexter: “Guess so.”
Matthews: “Oh, and you might want to put on that suit over there. They’ve been dead for a while.”
Dexter: “Will do.”

Angel: “Hey Dexter.”
Dexter: “Hi Angel, is that your…” I notice he still has a badge and gun.
Angel: “Dexter, I… after what happened to Maria, I changed my mind about retiring, look I know you two have had your differences but please find out what happened in there, por favor. Do what you do best.” Ironic, given that what I do best is kill people and cover my tracks.

I go inside, Matthews, Debra, Angel and the others follow.

Masuka: “Finally, you’re here. Okay we got two bodies, one is LaGuerta, the other is Hector Estrada and by the state these bodies are, it’s clear that they died almost at the exact same time…”
Dexter: “Any estimate on the time of death?” I ask.
Masuka: “About three days ago, give or take.”
Matthews: “We know for a fact that LaGuerta was last seen alive on the 31st of December 2011, and we know that several people tried to reach her on the 1st of January but couldn’t get ahold of her. Plus, her mobile phone was filled with unread messages wishing her a happy new year. This almost certainly occurred on New Year’s Eve.”
Masuka: “Yeah… I agree.”
Matthews: “We also know from looking into Estrada’s mobile phone, that he made a phone call to LaGuerta at 10:54 PM, New Year’s Eve, though there are no records of the content of that call. It’s clear that this was no random encounter. They had met before and were meeting again for some purpose.”
Angel: “Shit! I should have known something was not right. Maria never made it to my party.”
Dexter: “Any witnesses?” Please say no.
Matthews: “No.” Finally some good news. “Nobody saw or heard a damn thing, or at least nobody who did has come forward yet. There are no security cameras either. You better make use of what you can find in here.”
Masuka: “So Dexter, what do you make of this?”

I pause for moment, pretend to examine the scene in detail. After a few minutes, I begin a detailed reconstruction to suit my narrative.

Dexter: “Okay, the victims both have one gunshot wound to their chests. The bloodstains are consistent with that. Estrada appears to have been shot at close range due to some of the residue on his shirt, while LaGuerta was shot at a slightly longer range. There’s a lot more blood coming from Estrada which is consistent with a gunshot wound straight to the heart, while LaGuerta was shot in the…”
Masuka: “Boob?”
Angel: “Hey!”
Debra: “Not fucking funny, Masuka.”
Dexter: “Lung.”
Matthews: “So, let’s cut to the chase, what do you think happened here, Dexter? Can we hear one of your brilliant reconstructions, your colleagues tell me you’re pretty good at this?”
Dexter: “Well judging by the positioning of the victims” which I had changed, “the bloodstains” which I manipulated as much as possible “most likely LaGuerta and Estrada had some kind of… argument in this container. There’s no evidence of a third person being here so far.” because I took care to remove Debra’s shell casing “Estrada was heading out of the container when he turned around and shot LaGuerta in the chest. Not certain of her death, he came closer to examine it.”
Matthews: “So why not just shoot her again to be certain?”
Dexter: “Criminals, even hardened murdering mob bosses like Estrada, usually have a certain amount of hesitation when it comes to killing law enforcement. They know there’s a death penalty for it in Florida, plus Estrada was on parole, last chance to lead a free life. The first shot was probably on impulse.”
Matthews: “And?”
Dexter: “Well the wound was definitely fatal, but with her remaining strength it looks like she raised her gun and shot Estrada right in the heart. He died instantly and LaGuerta soon after.”
Matthews: “Hmmm… Masuka, what’s your take on this?”

Masuka pauses for a second and doesn’t reply immediately. Please say yes so we can end this.

Masuka: “Yes, that’s what I thought as well. I agree completely with Dexter’s narrative.”

I notice a slight change in Debra’s facial expression. A sign of relief.

Masuka: “I’m sure the coroner will have more details. Let’s just bag all the evidence and be done with it.”
Matthews: “I’m going outside for a minute to give a statement to the press. Dexter, I need to have a word with you after this as well.”

A word? In private? Is Matthews having a change of heart? Is he beginning to suspect that I might have had something to do with this? Is Masuka just playing along to trap me? In moments of uncertainty such as these the mind can only concentrate on the worst possible scenario. In a few moments I will find out.

A few minutes later…

Dexter: “Sir?”
Matthews: “Dexter… I know they say it’s not right to speak ill of the dead, but, you wanna know what I think about all this mess?” That I’m the real Bay Harbor Butcher and that I framed another dead person to cover my tracks, using my expertise in forensics?
Dexter: “What, sir?”
Matthews: “For God’s sake Dexter, just call me Tom, anyway, Maria LaGuerta was a reckless woman, her feelings for Doakes got to her. I warned her to let it go, I even helped her find definitive proof that Doakes was the Bay Harbor Butcher, but that just wasn’t enough. So she came up with this crazy plan to push for the release of Hector Estrada, the man responsible for killing your mother, hoping to catch you in the act.”
Dexter: “Well, I didn’t kill him.”
Matthews: “Of course not, it’s clear that when her plan failed and as Estrada remained alive, she grew desperate. In fact I’m convinced she planted that bloodied shirt in the trash can along with the wallet so she could have an excuse to bring you in. She was stupid enough to leave a partial print on the wallet and even more stupid to think we wouldn’t figure out that shirt was decades old and taken from the evidence lockup. For God’s sake, we have the catalog, she was definitely snooping around in evidence the day before your arrest but you weren’t on that list.”

Luckily, she was and I took advantage of this. Matthews doesn’t realize that I can frame a frame job.

Matthews: “Well, there’s a lesson to be learned here, Dexter. Never trust, rely on or get involved with a dangerous ex-con. No exceptions.” Would that include Hannah McKay? “LaGuerta played with fire and got burned. What’s really sad is that all of this started from the discovery of a blood slide found at Travis Marshall’s hideout, they day he killed himself.”
Dexter: “You think Travis Marshall was the Bay Harbor Butcher and that he was somehow his own last victim? Aware his own hypocrisy and killing himself for it?”
Matthews: “Of course not, what a ludicrous idea, he was probably just copying Doakes’ style, just because we didn’t release that information to the press doesn’t mean it’s not going to be found. There were plenty of other details that we didn’t release and yet others found out about it. Why would it be any different with a bloodslide?”
Dexter: “So, Tom, what happens now?”
Matthews: “Well Internal Affairs were already aware of LaGuerta’s misconduct and this sudden death peaked their interest, they’ll be waiting for a conclusive report from the coroner. If what you and Masuka discovered is accurate, the case will be closed with Hector Estrada as the murderer of Maria LaGuerta. If there’s more to it, Internal Affairs are going to be breathing down our necks for months to come and treating all of us as potential suspects. As for me, I’ve been reinstated into the police force, no, I won’t be Deputy Chief as before, I’ll be replacing LaGuerta as Captain of Miami Metro, at least until I can retire properly with a full pension. Sergeant Batista has also had a change of heart about retiring, so he’ll be around for a little longer as well.”

CHAPTER 2: Forensics Never Lie

5th January 2012
Miami Metro Police Department, Homicide
9:47 AM

That morning I was in my lab, examining evidence from another case, waiting for some good news, that the LaGuerta murder case was closed and that me and Deb could finally move on with our lives…

Matthews calls everyone in the briefing room to make an important announcement.

Matthews: “Alright, people, today I’ve just received the coroner’s report on the autopsy of Estrada and LaGuerta as well as a letter from IA. New evidence has been uncovered during the autopsy which we could not have previously been aware of.”

It’s comforting to know that the professionalism and, most importantly, the sincerity of my report isn’t put into question… yet. After all, Masuka backed my theory.

Matthews: “The report concludes that there must have been at least one other person involved and that there is clear proof of tampering with the evidence, or as some people call it counter-forensics, to make it look like a simple shooting between two people. My guess is that Estrada had an accomplice, possibly a friend or a hired thug, who’s now trying to cover up his involvement…”

An accomplice? I could handle that, plant some more evidence to incriminate one of Estrada’s thugs, unless…

Matthews: “This is way above us however, due to the high profile nature of this case we will not be directly involved in this investigation any further. The Commissioner has requested the involvement of the FBI, they will be conducting the investigation under the lead of Special Agent Pelle Cophs. He has worked closely with Frank Lundy in the past on other high profile cases that have yielded successful convictions so he’s no amateur. We’ll be expected to cooperate with him fully.”

The FBI? Again? When will this cycle end? Am I doomed to perpetually have to cover my tracks from a never-ending series of investigations? Will this man too end up on my table only to be replaced by someone else? A half an hour later we finally meet the man who would be my new adversary.

Matthews: “Everyone, meet Special Agent Pelle Cophs.”

I look towards an average looking male in his early 40s, black suit with a tie, and a plain emotionless, expressionless face. I would soon realize that he is a worthy adversary.

Pelle Cophs: “Hello, I’m Special Agent Pelle Cophs of the FBI and I will be investigating the deaths of Hector Estrada and Maria LaGuerta. Now, one thing I’ve learned from working with Special Agent Frank Lundy, which I know most of you are familiar with, is to never take anything at face value. Many times in the past, my investigation into seemingly banal cases have uncovered much larger conspiracies. To get to the bottom of this I will be looking closely into the final days of Hector Estrada and Maria LaGuerta. This department will not be directly involved in the investigation, however you will give me your full cooperation. You will not withhold a single piece of information from me. Any questions?”
Angel: “Me!”
Pelle Cophs: “Go ahead, Sergeant Batista.”
Angel: “What? You know my…? Nevermind. Were you involved with Agent Lundy in the Bay Harbor Butcher and Trinity Killer investigations?”

Again Pelle replied with that same blank expression.

Pelle Cophs: “No, I was not involved in those particular cases, but I have been involved in high profile and large-scale investigations such as the Johnson Chicago Wire Fraud in 2003, the Dearborn Quality Assurance Scam in 2001, the Hollywood Snuff Directors in 2005 and the fraudulent Jenkins Auto Bailout in 2007. Well, I hope that answers your question, I will be in the next room, alone, going over the case notes. When I’m done, there will be questions for some of you.”
Matthews: “Well, you heard the man, everyone back to work.”

5th January 2012
Debra’s Home
8:07 PM

Debra: “Fuck, Dex, that fed and his fucking poker-face give me the creeps. He’s been all over the station today interviewing several people, looking at files and even half of them seem genuinely intimidated by this guy despite their innocence, well in this case anyway. How are we going to get out of this mess?”
Dexter: “Relax. He’s got nothing on us.”
Debra: “Not yet, this guy is a pro, Dex.” I knew he gave that impression but I just wanted to see if she knew more about Pelle than I.
Dexter: “How so?”
Debra: “Jesus Christ, Dex, aren’t you familiar with some of the cases he’s worked on? I looked it up. For example in 1999 he went from a simple murder of one person, committed by one person, to uncovering an entire multi-billion dollar racket. All 17 people involved were convicted with the shortest sentence being 20 years…” she paused for a moment “for fucking cooperation. This guy’s relentless, maybe even more than Lundy was.”
Dexter: “We’ll figure it out, we’ve been in hot water before.”
Debra: “What did they find at the crime scene? I thought you cleaned up any trace of us ever being there.”
Dexter: “I have, it’s not perfect, but at least there’s really nothing that can be linked to us.”
Debra: “So…?”
Dexter: “Look, I’ll ask Matthews for the report tomorrow, stop worrying and try to get some sleep.”
Debra: “Any word from Hannah? She’s still at large you know.”
Dexter: “Nope. Look, I gotta go, spend some time with Harrison.”

Hannah, it’s been almost a week since I had seen her. Was I too harsh in turning her in? Has she learned her lesson? Can I trust her to never harm Debra again?

5th January 2012
Dexter’s Apartment
8:43 PM

Jamie: “I wouldn’t go in that room if I were you, Harrison is all tucked into bed, sleeping.”
Dexter: “Okay, so, you said you had some plans for tonight?”
Jamie: “Oh absolutely.”
Dexter: “And who’s the lucky guy?”
Jamie: “Detective Joey Quinn. What you didn’t know? We hooked up around New Year’s Eve. Ah, that’s right, you weren’t there. Well, I better get going.”
Dexter: “Alright, have fun.”

That night I had that dream again. I dreamed of growing old with Hannah. Harrison now 18 with his own car.

Harrison: “Bye, dad!”
Dexter: “Bye, Harrison!”

He got into his car and drove off. I shared a passionate kiss with my wife when… I heard a car crash. We rush to see what had just happened. It was Harrison’s car. I looked in anger towards Hannah.

Dexter: “You! Did you do this to my son? Our son!?”
Hannah: “Yes.” she smiled in a sinister way.
Dexter: “Why?” I was ready to just strangle her on the spot but waited to hear an answer. How could she ever do this to me?
Hannah: “Because he never turns the music down, never takes out the trash when I ask him to, never listens to me in general and…”
Hannah leaned to whisper something in my ear.
Hannah: “…because he constantly taunts me that I’m not his real mother…”

I awake pretty shook up. It was 5:30 AM.

Harry Morgan: “Dexter. Use your judgement. You know you have no future with Hannah. Two killers? It was doomed from the start. You don’t need a murdering wife. You were better off with a normal companion, like Rita.”
Dexter: “It was only a dream, dad.”
Harry Morgan: “A dream that could very well become a reality… one way or another and maybe sooner than you think. Do you really want to trust a poisoner to cook the food of your children for the next 15 years?”
Dexter: “She’s not that bad.”
Harry Morgan: “She tried to kill your sister, for God’s sake!”
Dexter: “Because Debra wouldn’t drop the investigation on her. Maybe now that she’s a murderer too she’ll learn to let it go.”
Harry Morgan: “My God, Dexter, listen to yourself.”
Dexter: “Look, Hannah probably got the message. She wouldn’t dare to pull that stunt again.”
Harry Morgan: “Probably? This is just wishful thinking on your part isn’t it, Dexter? I’m telling you right now that this is a mistake. You had her on your table, she met the code fully, it should have ended then and there. Just like all the others.”
Dexter: “This conversation is over, dad. You’re not real anyway, you’re just a psychological construct, a figment of my imagination. I am in control here.”
Harry Morgan: “Suit yourself, son.”

CHAPTER 3: Covering Your Tracks… Again

6th January 2012
Miami Metro Police Department, Homicide
10:08 AM

Meanwhile in Captain Matthews’ office…

Matthews: “Yes, Agent Cophs, have a seat please.”

Cophs sat down and took out a notebook with his case notes and pencil.

Pelle Cophs: “Captain Matthews, I’ve been looking into former Captain Maria LaGuerta’s past activities, especially her most recent activities, right before she died, I’ve interviewed a few co-workers, I’ve spoken with the Commissioner. But I’d like to hear it from you as well. What case was she working on?”
Matthews: “Oh, her desk was littered with open cases. Turn around and you’ll see the entire pile she left me.”
Pelle Cophs: “I mean, ‘the’ case, sir.”
Matthews: “Case? It was hardly a case, Agent Cophs, the Bay Harbor Butcher case is a federal case and has been officially closed for over five years. She had this wild theory that the Bay Harbor Butcher was not Sergeant James Doakes, but one of our lab geeks.”
Pelle Cophs: “And the name of this person would be?”
Matthews: “Dexter Morgan.”
Pelle Cophs: “Correct, that is what everyone in the station is saying. Were you part of her little investigation?”
Matthews: “Yes, although not in any official capacity. We didn’t find any evidence on Dexter, just more on Doakes. It wasn’t enough to convince her though.”

Pelle Cophs paused for a second.

Pelle Cophs: “Correct. That is what several co-workers I interviewed in the office told me. That is consistent the Commissioner’s report on her alleged misconduct. I understand that Lieutenant Debra Morgan is Dexter Morgan’s sister?”
Matthews: “Adoptive, yes.”
Pelle Cophs: “I will most certainly be interviewing them and we’ll talk about it more in detail later, but let’s talk about you, Captain Matthews because there are several things I want to clarify before I move on. How long have you known Miss LaGuerta?”
Matthews: “It’s been roughly 20 years.”
Pelle Cophs: “True. Records show you both met in 1991. Were you on good terms with Miss LaGuerta?”
Matthews: “Of course I was, what kind of question is that?” Matthews answered seemingly irritated.
Pelle Cophs: “You’re lying, Matthews, I’ve looked into it. You were Deputy Chief months ago. You were forcibly retired because of her, because of what she found about your personal life. Spill it out.”
Matthews: “Okay, you got me, we’ve had our differences. What relevance does this have to your case?”
Pelle Cophs: “I am the one in the position to determine that. Tell me, Captain Matthews, do you enjoy your new position as Captain?”
Matthews: “Yes…”
Pelle Cophs: “How is it that you came to be reinstated back on the force?”
Matthews: “Maria LaGuerta promised to reinstate me if I helped her with her theory.”
Pelle Cophs: “Correct, I found her recommendation which was sent to the Commissioner about a week before she died. But I do have to point out, you probably wouldn’t have obtained the position of Captain had Miss LaGuerta still been alive, or any other high-ranking positions for that matter. They were all taken, I checked them all. The only way you would have ever been accepted back on the force would have been in a position of substantially less pay.”
Matthews: “Technically yes, but… where is this going, Agent Cophs? You think I had something to do with it?”
Pelle Cophs: “Your pension records show you were just 9 months away from full 40-year pension benefits. Two of your friends who still work in the department can testify you could barely keep up with your payments.”
Matthews: “I agree completely, and yes I agreed to help LaGuerta on the condition that she would help me get reinstated, I never made that a secret.”
Pelle Cophs: “Is there something more you would like to tell me?”
Matthews: “This is absurd, do you think I killed Maria LaGuerta?”
Pelle Cophs: “Calm down, I didn’t say that. But thank you for your time, Captain Matthews, I will get back to you when the time is right.”
Matthews: “Sure.”

Dexter’s Interview
1:37 PM

Right after lunch, Pelle Cophs had me called into his office to ask me some questions. The man stood there at his desk with the same notebook and pencil, ready to write all the details down. I noticed that he’s always used them when interviewing people. He seems pretty old school for a relatively young agent.

Pelle Cophs: “Have as seat, Mr. Morgan.”
Dexter: “Agent Cophs?”
Pelle Cophs: “Finally, I have a chance to speak personally with you. I’ve already interviewed your forensics co-worker, Vince Masuka. I understand you haven’t seen the coroner’s report yet?”
Dexter: “No, sir, I haven’t.”
Pelle Cophs: “Well, let’s get started then, in your own report you concluded that Mr. Hector Estrada died from a single gunshot wound to the heart?”
Dexter: “Yes, that is correct.”
Pelle Cophs: “Indeed, the coroner found that the shell casing matches Captain LaGuerta’s standard police-issued firearm. So does the bullet. There are no fingerprints on the gun except hers. Now…” Cophs opens the file. “This is what we found that contradicts the theory that LaGuerta and Estrada shot each other. The bullet found inside LaGuerta’s lung does not match Estrada’s gun. It’s a complete mismatch.”
Dexter: “Well, I couldn’t have figured that out at the crime scene.”
Pelle Cophs: “Nobody is questioning you or Mr. Masuka’s findings, Mr. Morgan, but there was definitely a third person there, maybe more. We also…” Cophs turns a page. “…have definitive proof that someone tampered with the crime scene and left misleading evidence for us to find. Estrada’s gun was definitely fired once and we found the shell casing to match it. But it was not fired at LaGuerta. What I think happened was, the third person killed LaGuerta with his own gun, retrieved the shell casing to cover his tracks, then fired Estrada’s gun into the air to leave a misleading shell casing behind so he wouldn’t be implicated in the shooting.” Which is almost exactly what I did. Deb shouldn’t have shot her. I could have handled it on my own.
Dexter: “Wow, any leads?”
Pelle Cophs: “No witnesses so far, but if anybody comes forward they’ll most certainly be able to confirm there were at least three shots fired, not two. But let’s leave that aside for now, let’s talk about you, Mr. Morgan.”
Dexter: “Sure, what about me?”
Pelle Cophs: “You were part of the investigation into the Bay Harbor Butcher case. The late Frank Lundy, FBI Special Agent at that time found definitive proof that Sergeant James Doakes was the Bay Harbor Butcher, there’s no question about it. Everyone except for Captain Maria LaGuerta. Why is that?”
Dexter: “Captain LaGuerta was Doakes’ partner and ex-girlfriend. She wasn’t thinking objectively, her emotions got to her. I think that she couldn’t accept the fact that someone she cared about was a cold blooded killer.”
Pelle Cophs: “That seems… plausible, some of your co-workers seem to share that view as well, but still, how come after 5 years of essentially nothing happening she suddenly starts to suspects you and you alone? And even after further proof is found implicating Doakes, she still doesn’t give up?”
Dexter: “I don’t know!”
For the first time, I see a frown on Pelle Cophs’ face.
Pelle Cophs: “You’re lying, Mr. Morgan, keep lying to me and I’ll have you charged with the obstruction of a federal investigation.” He abandons his calm approach and raises his tone considerably. “Give me something! Am I supposed to believe that she just suddenly snapped for no reason?”
Dexter: “Look, I am the victim here. I was arrested for a death that had not even happen at the time of my arrest. Okay?”
Pelle Cophs: “You’re not winning me over, Morgan.” Now where have I heard that before?
Dexter: “Look, several months ago we were working on this serial killer, Travis Marshall, The Doomsday Killer. He predicted the end of the world during the eclipse last year, when that didn’t come to pass, he set his hideout, an abandoned church, on fire and stabbed himself with a sword.”
Pelle Cophs: “Go on…”
Dexter: “Then we found a bloodslide near the altar with Travis’ blood on it.”
Pelle Cophs: “So that’s what triggered her suspicion that Doakes was innocent? Still, a misleading answer. It doesn’t explain how she came to suspect you, you personally Dexter Morgan.”
Dexter: “Because I officially own a boat and Doakes kept his a secret? Because I’m a blood-spatter analyst? Because Lundy always believed the killer had law enforcement background even before he found evidence on Doakes?”
Pelle Cophs: “Hmmm… Perhaps. We’ll talk again soon, Mr. Morgan. Thank you for your time. And I hope for your sake that what you just told me now is accurate.”

I went back in my lab to finish some tests while Cophs went straight to Matthews’ office. I kept an eye on them from a distance, I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but Cophs requested a case file and walked out. Thirty minutes later he returned to Matthews. While they were busy I walked past Matthews’ office and tried to get a glimpse of what was inside without them noticing. I didn’t hear a thing but I noticed the file was on the Doomsday Killer case, Travis Marshall.


Matthews: “Agent Cophs, back so soon?”
Pelle Cophs: “You know, earlier I interviewed your blood-spatter analyst, the man LaGuerta accused of being the Bay Harbor Butcher. I think we’re ready to discuss Miss LaGuerta’s personal re-investigation of the Bay Harbor Butcher case in detail. Let’s start at the beginning.”
Cophs opens the file on the Doomsday Killer case.
Matthews: “Yes, several weeks ago I was on my docked boat, when I was approached by Maria. She had this theory the Bay Harbor Butcher was still alive and at large.”
Pelle Cophs: “What triggered her suspicion after 5 years of nothing happening?”
Matthews: “The Doomsday Killer case. She found a blood slide at the crime scene. Looked exactly like the Bay Harbor Butcher’s blood slides. That combined with the fact that Doakes was never a registered boat owner and that people were still going missing…”
Pelle Cophs: “People go missing all the time, Captain Matthews. But that blood slide, it does seem kind of suspicious, perhaps the department was too quick to dismiss Travis Marshall’s death as suicide?”
Matthews: “Maybe.”
Pelle Cophs: “Go on.”
Matthews: “Well, she followed Frank Lundy’s theory that the Bay Harbor Butcher was working in law enforcement, so she prepared a list of everyone at Miami Metro who ever owned a boat. She found out that Dexter Morgan had moved his boat to a different marina.”
Pelle Cophs: “Interesting, was there something else?”
Matthews: “I suggested that we look into the final days of Sergeant Doakes, before the explosion at the cabin in the Everglades. The cabin was never rebuilt, but the owner of that piece of land moved back in with his trailer. Now, at that time, the cabin was rented to a Santos Jimenez. Doakes hijacked it at some point and started using it as his kill room.”
Pelle Cophs: “And who is this Santos Jimenez?”
Matthews: “He was one of the murderers of Laura Moser, the biological mother of Dexter Morgan. That was the connection. She was butchered with a chainsaw right in front of Dexter when he was 3.”
Pelle Cophs: “Interesting, Captain Matthews, that seems like a pretty unlikely coincidence doesn’t it?”
Matthews: “I know, but we looked further and finally found Sergeant Doakes’ other hideout, the place where he kept his unregistered boat, proving definitively that he was the Bay Harbor Butcher.”
Pelle Cophs: “And still Miss LaGuerta didn’t believe it…”
Matthews: “Look, Agent Cophs, I seriously hope you’re not going to believe her story now too?”
Pelle Cophs: “I didn’t say that, Captain Matthews. But I do have to follow every lead. Evey. Single. One.”
Matthews: “Then what are you saying?”
Pelle Cophs: “Dexter Morgan claims LaGuerta framed him, what’s your take on all of this?”
Matthews: “Well, given that LaGuerta pushed for the early release of Hector Estrada, the man who ordered Laura Moser’s death, hoping that Dexter will go after him out of revenge and given that she arrested Dexter for his murder based on dubious evidence and at a time when Estrada was still alive… I’d say yes.”
Pelle Cophs: “Did Miss LaGuerta know Mr. Estrada personally?”
Matthews: “Given the phone call made to him before her death, yes.”
Pelle Cophs: “So do you think they had some argument that turned bloody?”
Matthews: “Seems like it.”
Pelle Cophs: “Captain Matthews, there’s something that just doesn’t add up to that theory.”
Matthews: “And that is?”
Pelle Cophs: “I interviewed officer Dan Williams recently. He was under orders from Captain LaGuerta to follow Estrada around that day. The night before Dexter Morgan’s arrest they followed Estrada to the same shipping yard, heard a gun go off and then Estrada was mysteriously gone.”
Matthews: “So? They were probably hoping for Dexter to make a move, which he never did.”
Pelle Cophs: “And they found the same container wrapped in plastic and a chainsaw in the middle. The chainsaw was on.”
Matthews: “How does that prove anything other than that Estrada was probably back into organized crime? Come on, Agent Cophs, where are you going with this?”
Pelle Cophs: “I don’t know, but I’m going to find out. Why are you being so dismissive, Captain? Don’t you want to know the truth?”
Matthews: “Of course I want to know the truth, not waste time pursuing ridiculous conspiracy theories. Look, my guess is, Estrada was probably setting up another one of his kill rooms for a rival dealer when he realized he was being watched and snuck out. Either way, wrapping a container in plastic and owning chainsaws are both legal.”
Pelle Cophs: “Thank you for your time once again, Captain Matthews.”
Matthews: “So what’s next?”
Pelle Cophs: “Well, things still don’t add up. I will request search warrants on both Estrada’s and LaGuerta’s residences. Personal diaries, notes, laptops, documents, anything that might shed some more light on this. I will be looking into known criminal associates of Estrada. I will be looking over the case notes of Frank Lundy on the Bay Harbor Bucher case. And finally…”
Matthews: “Yes, Agent Cophs?”
Pelle Cophs: “I will run an extensive background check on both Sergeant James Doakes, Dexter Morgan and detective Joseph Quinn. Something is not right here and I will get to the bottom of it.”
Matthews: “Quinn? How does…”
Pelle Cophs: “I interviewed him yesterday. He seemed… evasive for some reason.”

6th January 2012
Debra’s Home
8:22 PM

Debra: “So, how was your little discussion with that freak Cophs?”
Dexter: “Still nothing on us, but he’s asking questions, won’t leave a stone unturned.”
Debra: “What can we do?”
Dexter: “Well, we can’t do… that.”
Debra: “Duh, next time it will probably be the National Guard. Don’t even go there, Dex. We’re definitely not killing any more lawmen.”
Dexter: “We need to get rid of LaGuerta’s laptop with the compromising video of you at that gas station, as well as her search warrants. They’re probably back at LaGuerta’s home. If Cophs finds them it’s over for… oh shit…”

I had a sudden realization that Cophs might have already found them. Debra looked at me, very confused.

Debra: “What is it, Dex?”
Dexter: “I need to leave. Now.”
Debra: “Dex, wait!”

I rush out the door, get into my car and drive as fast as possible to LaGuerta’s house. I find the laptop, the incriminating CD and the warrants. All mysteriously very close to each other, almost like someone was waiting for me to find them. Nobody will be seeing them ever again. But is this all there is? No secret diary hidden somewhere? In life, LaGuerta knew how to play the game, how to be two steps ahead of everybody else.

I look around more closely and find a second CD under the pillow, nothing written on the cover except a random number. But inside it is not empty. It’s the same video footage from the gas station. Carefully hidden in the closet I found an envelope. “To be opened in the event of my untimely demise…” LaGuerta’s personal notes on the… Bay Harbor Butcher.

I can’t any more chances and I don’t have time to search this entire house. This entire building must be purged. I go into the kitchen and loosen the gas pipes a bit. The gas will slowly build up over night, destroying any documents that LaGuerta might have hidden. I leave soon after.

CHAPTER 4: Senor Doakes Sends His Regards

7th January 2012
Miami, Florida
9:23 PM

Today was my day off. Weekend. With all this mounting pressure I feel that I must kill again to maintain control. Tonight’s that night again. My next victim is someone I should have killed a long time ago. Carlos Guerrero, the drug lord who ordered the murders of officer Ricky Simmons and his wife, Kara Simmons back in 2006 but was never convicted for it. All he got was ten years in a federal prison for the abduction and attempted murder of Sergeant Doakes, back when he was still officially on the good side of the law. Served only five due to his connections.

I’ve been following him all day all over town, but there are always bodyguards around him. How do I get close to him? The same mistakes with Isaac Sirko will not be repeated, I have to play this safe. What was his weakness five years ago? Perhaps the example of the late Sergeant Doakes can give me an idea.

Several hours later my plan is nearly finished. I don’t normally employ such extreme tactics but since time is of the essence…

Carlos Guerrero’s cell phone rings.
Carlos Guerrero: “Who is this?”
Unknown Caller (Dexter): “Carlos Guerrero, Rose’s life is in my hands now, if you ever want to see her again you’ll do exactly as I say.”
Carlos Guerrero: “Who the fuck do you think…”
Unknown Caller (Dexter): “Ask your driver to pull over now, or Rose dies.”
Carlos Guerrero: “Bullshit! You’re bluffing, man! You don’t even have her!”
Unknown Caller (Dexter): “Are you certain about that? Call her. She won’t be home.” I hang up.

Carlos Guerrero almost immediately call Rose’s cell phone.
Carlos Guerrero: “Rose, baby, you alright?”
Unknown Caller (Dexter): “Hello, again, Carlos Guerrero.”
Carlos Guerrero: “Motherfucking… puta! You give her back you hear!”
Unknown Caller (Dexter): “Pull over. Now.”
Carlos Guerrero: “Alright, man. Antonio! Stop the fucking car I need some air!”
The car stops. Carlos and his bodyguards get out.
Unknown Caller (Dexter): “Very good, Carlos. But we don’t need your… gorillas. Order them back in the car. Order them to drive away.”
Carlos Guerrero: “Fuck you, man, I ain’t that stupid.”
Unknown Caller (Dexter): “Order them back in the fucking car. It’s not negotiable.”
Carlos Guerrero signals his men to get into the car.
Carlos Guerrero: “Alright, I did that, now what?”
Unknown Caller (Dexter): “I’m watching you so don’t try anything smart. You go anywhere near a cop station, she dies.”
Carlos Guerrero: “Fuck the cops, man, I never do that shit. It’s the code of the streets.”
Unknown Caller (Dexter): “Good, you see I also follow a code, you call for help she dies.”
Carlos Guerrero: “Just tell me what you want!”
Unknown Caller (Dexter): “You’re going to withdraw 100.000$ in cash from your bank account and take it to the address that will be texted to you. You will come alone and on foot. Once you do that your daughter is free.” I hang up the call.

She shows up at the docks alone and I ambush him from behind. He would soon wake up on my table, restrained.

Carlos Guerrero (waking up): “Hey! Hey! You said you’d let my daughter go mother fucker!” He was absolutely raging.

The kill room was decorated in plastic as usual, photos of the Simmons family all around. Rose Guerrero lying unconscious on a separate table.

Carlos Guerrero: “Rose, baby, you alright? Did he hurt you?”
Dexter: “I gave her a good dose of M-99 and took her in her sleep. She won’t remember a thing about tonight.”
Carlos Guerrero: “You got your money, you snake, what more do you want? Let her go she just turned 18!”
Dexter: “Stop screaming, I never intended to kill her. And I won’t. She’ll be home safely by tomorrow morning.”
I take Rose outside and place her in the trunk of my car. I go back inside to finish the job.
Carlos Guerrero: “Let me go, you got your money!”
Dexter: “Do you want to know a secret, Carlos?”
Carlos Guerrero: “What? What?”
Dexter: “I don’t want your fucking dirty drug money either.” I whispered in his ear. “That briefcase? Yeah, it will also be returned home safely by tomorrow morning. It’s a shame you’ll never see either Rose or the money ever again.”
Carlos Guerrero: “What the hell is this?”
Dexter: “What Guerrero? You don’t recognize those photos? Ricky Simmons! Kara Simmons! You ordered their deaths and now it’s time to pay for it. Soon you’ll be cut into six roughly equal pieces wrapped in garbage bags and sleeping with the fishes.”
Carlos Guerrero: “How… how is this possible!? Are you fucking working with him? But… I thought… he died five years ago! I thought the feds caught him!” says Carlos hopelessly struggling to break free.
Dexter: “Who?”
Carlos Guerrero: “Sergeant Doakes, the Bay Harbor Butcher! He’s the only one who’d pull this shit. He talked shit about me in front of Rose, he beat up my lieutenant, that crooked cop always said he’d never play by the rules! He put you up to this somehow didn’t he?”
Dexter: “Do you want to know another secret, Carlos?” I lean over again and whisper to him “I am the Bay Harbor Butcher.”
Guerrero is speechless.
Dexter: “Yes, you are one of the few that I can afford to be honest with. I, I alone, Dexter Morgan, am the Bay Harbor Butcher. I’m not Doakes’ ‘partner’, or ‘apprentice’, or some random copy-cat off the streets. I did all of that! Just like I’m going to do to you.”
Carlos Guerrero: “Oh shit! No, no!” Realizing the reality of the situation he starts to beg for his life. “Please, man. We can work this out. You got a nice bag of cash, just let me go.”
Dexter: “The only way this will work out is you dead at the bottom of the ocean.”
Carlos Guerrero: “Nooo!”

I plunge a sharp knife into his heart. I feel… relieved.

Later that night after Carlos’ been disposed of I’m back home.

Harry Morgan: “Dexter what was that all about?”
Dexter: “What do you mean?”
Harry Morgan: “What did I ever tell you about not getting caught? You told a mobster your real name and essentially confessed to being the real Bay Habor Butcher and letting Doakes take the fall. What were you thinking in saying all that out loud?”
Dexter: “I was about to kill him anyway.”
Harry Morgan: “Dexter, that was reckless of you. You never know who could be watching. Or recording. And some people have escaped from your table before.”
Dexter: “I guess… I just felt the need to stop hiding for once.”
Harry Morgan: “Dexter, are you… feeling some amount of guilt for LaGuerta’s death?”
Dexter: “LaGuerta’s death was necessary. She wouldn’t leave me alone. She wouldn’t leave Deb alone.”
Harry Morgan: “She didn’t fit the code at all.”
Dexter: “But there’s always my prime directive, ‘don’t get caught’.”
Harry Morgan: “The more innocents you kill or allow to be killed, the more vulnerable you become. Remember Rita? You almost incriminated yourself even though it was Trinity!”
Dexter: “I won’t allow something like that to happen ever again.”

CHAPTER 5: Connect the Dots

9th January 2012
Miami Metro Police Department, Homicide
3:15 PM

Agent Cophs did not turn up at Miami Metro until at least 3 PM. When he did, we walked straight into Matthews’ office.

Matthews: “How can I help you, Agent Cophs?”
Pelle Cophs: “Captain Matthews, it’s been a very busy weekend, first thing I did was look into Estrada’s known associates.”
Matthews: “And?”
Pelle Cophs: “All dead, in custody for other offenses or haven’t lived in Florida in years. His entire gang essentially ceased to exist a long time ago. Plus Estrada had only been recently released after almost 40 years, would have been very unlikely to re-establish connections so easily.”
Matthews: “You may be underestimating these Hispanic gangs, they’re tighter than you think.”
Pelle Cophs: “Perhaps, but there are more likely theories. Now, I’d like to go over the Bay Harbor Butcher case one last time.” Cophs opens his briefcase and pulls out a file at least an inch thick.
Matthews: “What is there to go over? Doakes was the Bay Harbor Butcher. You’re not taking LaGuerta’s conspiracy theory seriously are you?”
Pelle Cophs: “I didn’t say he wasn’t, now I looked over the entire file along with Lundy’s personal notes, I must agree the evidence is… overwhelming.”
Matthews: “What are you getting at, Agent Colphs?”
Pelle Cophs: “Well, Matthews, let me put it this way. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Sergeant James Doakes committed those murders” Cophs pulls the file on Jacques Bayard “Even before Doakes became a suspect in the Bay Harbor Butcher case, this man, Jacques Bayard, was shot dead by him. Doakes claimed self-defense but the circumstances were suspicious. Eventually the case was dropped because of orders coming directly out of Washington. It wasn’t self-defense, it was a vigilante kill. Jacques Bayard’s real name is Rene Thibault, he used to be a death squad officer in Haiti. Doakes was in black ops before he joined Miami Metro and participated in missions in Haiti. He most likely witnessed Thibault committing war crimes and swore to take him out one day. And he did, when Thibault emigrated to the United States. Now…” Cophs turns to another file.” As Agent Lundy noted, Doakes was involved in an unusually large number of officer-related shootings, he had an abusive father, who by the way worked as a butcher, and many of the Butcher’s victims passed through this station, Sergeant Doakes personally being involved in some of those cases.”
Matthews: “Yes, I know the details of the case, you don’t need to…”
Pelle Cophs: “Let me finish, Captain. Now, when confronted, Doakes was extremely uncooperative. He walked out of Agent Lundy’s office and boarded a plane out of the country… That’s when Agent Lundy obtained search warrants on his properties and found the box of blood slides. We, that’s the FBI, I was never involved in the investigation, also found tools of his dumped in the ocean, all bearing his fingerprints. Later he somehow snuck back into the United States and the FBI found his remains at the cabin in the Everglades along with the remains of his latest kill. Suicide. And last year you finally found his secret boat house. Hadn’t been used in years so it was the perfect cover.”
Matthews: “Is that all, Agent Cophs? I have a very busy schedule.”
Pelle Cophs: “No, I’m not done yet, now it’s time to fill you in on the ‘suspicious details’ that need to be looked into more closely. First, that blood slide found at Travis Marshall’s hideout. Second, the mysterious disappearance of several people who were investigated by Miami Metro… years after the death of Sergeant Doakes.”
Matthews: “Really, Agent Cophs? And who are these people?”
Pelle Cophs: “The suspects in the Barrel Girls case, all vanished like they never existed, what are the odds? Raymond Speltzer, age 32, according to people in the department Lieutenant Debra Morgan had a particular interest in bringing him down but he was released due to faulty arrest procedure. He disappeared without a trace soon after his release. Viktor Baskov, age 29, suspect in the murders of Kaja Soroka, Ukrainian stripper and detective Mike Anderson. Bought a one-way ticket out of the country but never made his flight. Vanished never to be seen again. Isaak Sirko, age 48, wanted for triple homicide, charges dropped due to evidence going missing… coincidentally or not, detective Joseph Quinn was among those in the evidence locker several days before. Sirko as well disappeared without a trace.”
Matthews: “Debra Morgan? Joseph Quinn? You gotta be fucking kidding me, Agent Cophs. These are good police workers. You can’t just make all these implicit accusations without proof.”
Pelle Cophs: “Who said I was, Captain Matthews? I’m saying these are leads worth pursuing and I’m saying you need to be more cooperative. Finally, I want to talk about Dexter Morgan. Why did you leave out the details of his past the last time we talked?”
Matthews: “Because they’re not relevant.”
Pelle Cophs: “You’re lying Matthews, Dexter Morgan’s real family name is Moser, born to Laura Moser in 1971, she was butchered with a chainsaw and young Dexter Moser was left lying in a pool of his own mother’s blood, along with his brother Brain Moser, whom you conveniently forgot to mention. Yes, Brian Moser, the Ice Truck Killer. You knew his brother grew up to be a serial killer and you kept that information from me.”
Matthews: “Just because his brother turned out a deranged killer doesn’t mean Dexter has to as well. For God’s sake, Agent Cophs, Brain Moser was mental case from early childhood. He was institutionalized until the age of 21. Dexter was taken in by officer Harry Morgan, who raised him to become a productive member of society.”
Pelle Cophs: “A blood-spatter analyst? With this skills? Ever checked his college records? He was an exceptional student and he could have been a lot more. Let’s talk about Rita Morgan, Dexter’s wife. She was allegedly murdered by Arthur Mitchell, the Trinity Killer. Strangely, Arthur Mitchell also disappeared off the face of the Earth soon after, never to be seen again. His car however was found near a forest, abandoned…”
Matthews: “Look, it seems strange even to me, but that’s how it happened.”
Pelle Cophs: “Strange? You don’t think it’s a big fucking coincidence that Arthur Mitchell just happened to murder the wife of someone involved in the investigation? You don’t find that it’s fucking suspicious that Rita Morgan didn’t even fit the pattern of the young, single woman with no kids killed in the bathtub?”
Matthews: “Dexter was cleared of any wrongdoing by the FBI, you should know that ‘Special Agent’ Cophs.”
Pelle Cophs: “Let’s go back five or six years, before Sergeant Doakes’ death. What was his personal beef with Dexter Morgan?”
Matthews: “I… dunno exactly.”
Pelle Cophs: “You’re lying again, Matthews, spill it out or I’m going to come down hard on this department and bring it down to its knees. What was Doakes’ problem with Morgan? ”
Matthews: “You’re out of line, Agent Cophs, I ought to speak to your superiors! This is bordering on harassment!”
Pelle Cophs: “Doakes assaulted Morgan for no apparent reason in this very department, during Agent Lundy’s investigation into the Bay Harbor murders, his co-workers witnessed him repeatedly harass Morgan before that, and you want me to believe you don’t know why?”
Matthews: “Look, Morgan and Dexter never really liked each other much, I guess that’s just the way it was. And Dexter was the first one to know about Doakes’ unregistered boat, they shared the same marina so they probably used bump into each other frequently.”
Pelle Cophs: “Interesting… Captain Matthews what do you think about the fact that Santos Jimenez, one of Doakes’ likely victims just happened to be involved in the death of Morgan’s biological mother?”
Matthews: “I know it’s a long shot, but Doakes always thought of Dexter as a weird person. My guess is, Doakes looked into his background and found a perfect candidate for his blood lust, the murderer of Dexter’s biological mother. Agent Cophs, please tell me where all of this is going? Earlier you said you were convinced James Doakes was the butcher and now you’re saying… he might not be? Make sense please.”
Pelle Cophs: “Once again, I did not say Sergeant Doakes was innocent.”
Matthews: “Then? …”

Pelle Cophs paused for a second.

Pelle Cophs: “I’m saying he had an accomplice. Think about it. The number of victims, the amount of care taken to avoid detection, plus the fact that one of victims was reported to have disappeared at a time when Sergeant Doakes was on a mission with Captain LaGuerta, Agent Lundy noted this in his journal but dismissed it as unreliable evidence due to Captain LaGuerta’s covering for Doakes… This has to be much more than just a one-man operation. I think Sergeant Doakes had an accomplice, maybe an apprentice at least who covered for him and probably assumed his role after his death. The blood slide left behind so carelessly seems to indicate he was not quite as professional as Doakes.”
Matthews was speechless.
Pelle Cophs: “Why do you look so surprised, Captain Matthews?”
Matthews: “Oh no, it’s just that I’ve never considered that option. I just never pictured Doakes taking partners in this, he always struck me as more of a lone wolf. You might be right, but there’s no way anyone in this department is involved.”
Pelle Cophs: “I have further questions for you personally Captain Matthews, you’ve known LaGuerta for a while now have you?”
Matthews: “Yes, of course.”
Pelle Cophs: “Is she particularly negligent?”
Matthews: “Not that I know of.”
Pelle Cophs: “Her house burned down to the ground friday night. Firefighters found a loose gas pipe. Pretty big coincidence don’t you think? I think that someone didn’t want me to find whatever was in there.”
Matthews: “Or it could have just been a gas leak? The house’s been unattended lately. We haven’t even found her next of kin yet.”
Pelle Cophs: “A week? Not likely… It’s a hell of a coincidence isn’t it? That her house burned down right before I was about to conduct a search on the property.”
Matthews: “Another one of your wild speculations, eh, Agent Cophs?”
Pelle Cophs: “You better start giving me something or I’m going to tear this place apart to find it.”
Matthews: “Look, if Maria was serious about finding anything she would have tried to obtain search warrants. Check the records of all the courthouses in town.”
Pelle Cophs: “I will do that…”

Pelle Colphs walked out of the office. What they didn’t know, is that I was ready this time. I had an audio recorder discretely placed in Matthews’ office when nobody was around to see me.

Now I know, I know that I’m on Agent Cophs’ radar. I know that Debra is on it as well. The only comforting thought is that the entire department might be… to some degree...

CHAPTER 6: Who Is Deb Now?

9th January 2012
Debra’s Home
5:41 PM

The situation was dire indeed, but I couldn’t arouse any suspicions back at the station. I couldn’t talk to Deb and risk having her freak out over it. So I waited until after work, then went to Debra’s house. Frankly, I did not see any other way out, it would only be a matter of time before Agent Cophs obtained the same search warrants on our phones already issued by the court and link us with Travis Marshall’s murder. And this time killing another innocent person, especially a federal agent, was not an option. We’d have to pack our bags and flee the country. I had long prepared for this day with my “getaway” kit, 50.000$ in cash and a fake ID and passport… only problem is… the fake papers only cover me. I never imagined dragging Deb so deep into this and I never prepared for Harrison either.

I knock on the door. She answers.
Debra: “Dex, come on in.” she didn’t seem angry anymore but she didn’t seem happy either.
Dexter: “Deb, I think we might have a problem, I overheard a conversation between Matthews and Agent Cophs, he’s going to check the courts and he’s going to find that a judge issued search warrants on our cell phones.”
Debra: “Holy fuck, Dex…”
Dexter: “Deb, listen to me, I need you to pack your bags, take anything of value you might have and give me a small recent photo of yourself.”
Debra: “What for?” she asked, I see a lot of confusion in her face.
Dexter: “You’ll need a fake ID and passport, I’m going to try to obtain one by tomorrow, then we’re leaving together along with Harrison.”
Debra: “Dexter, what the fuck?” she objected. “We’re in this together, can’t we at least talk about it?”
Dexter: “We don’t have any other options, that’s the best I can offer, it’s either that or Cophs will have us in front of grand jury within 72 hours.”
Debra: “You know you’re right, that is the best you can offer. A pity you don’t trust me to come up with something better at least.”

Her response was intriguing.

Dexter: “Like?”

Debra thought for a minute and finally said:
Debra: “Okay so, they’re not likely to find anything special if they search our cell phones right?”
Dexter: “Right, but they’ll just check the GPS records of the phone company for the date Travis Marshall was killed.”
Debra: “Correct.”
Dexter: “So? What can we do about it?”
Debra: “Well, I know it’s a long shot, but… what if we get a hacker to erase that from their database?”
Dexter: “Do you have someone in mind on such short notice?”
Debra: “Fucking Edward Giles, age 26, the guys over at the Computer Crimes Division picked him up last month. The prosecution rests largely on evidence found on his fucking laptop. We get rid of that and he’s free, on the condition that he helps us of course.”
Dexter: “And then what? Deb, it doesn’t help much if you get rid of the evidence implicating us and create a witness instead. If Cophs catches and interrogates him he’ll eventually crack under the pressure. And I don’t want to kill any more innocent people. They have to meet my code.”

Debra pauses for a second.

Debra: “Well, that’s the thing, Dex. We have reasons to believe that Giles is also a sexual predator and murderer, responsible for the deaths of at least two women, but we’ve never been able to prove it due to some legal technicalities.”
Dexter: “Deb, are you sure about that?”
Debra: “Absolutely! The two victims, both died within close proximity to MacArthur Street 1131, Giles’ home address.”
Dexter: “In that case I can arrange it. But this needs to happen fast.”
Debra: “We need to relay the message soon, as Lieutenant of Homicide I can get in and out, talk with him, no questions asked.”
Dexter: “Deb, no.” I objected. “Look Cophs already suspects enough as it is, the last thing we need is you paying a him a visit right before he walks free. We need to get the message to him more discreet than that.”
Debra: “So what are you suggesting?”
Dexter: “I’ve broken into our workplace before, just give me the necessary keys and the layout so I can avoid security cameras and I’ll make my way to his cell.”
Debra: “Dexter, are you fucking nuts? You’re going to break ‘into’ custody?”
Dexter: “Deb, just listen to me. I’ve been doing stuff like this for years.”

9th January 2012
Miami Metro Police Department, Custody Cell Block
10:08 PM

Edward Giles was sleeping in his cell.
Dexter: “Wake up, Edward Giles.” He woke up immediately. I came dressed as a cop so as not to startle him. The real cops wouldn’t have been fooled, so I took great care to avoid being seen on my way to his cell.”
Edward: “What is it, officer?”
I open the door, go into his cell to talk. I lower my voice.
Dexter: “Edward, I need you to be quiet and I need to you listen.”
Edward: “Okay…”
Dexter: “I’m officer Martin Didders, you were arrested on multiple charges of unauthorized computer access. Things don’t look too good for you, you’re looking at a minimum 10 years in prison. How would you like to be a free man again?”
Edward: “What do you mean?” he asks confused. “Even if I run I won’t get very far.”
Dexter: “Edward, me and my partner Brenda can make all those charges go away by tomorrow. We can make the evidence disappear. Then we’ll have no choice but to let you walk.”
Edward: “This isn’t going to come without a price is it?”
I fake a smile.
Dexter: “You’ll be doing us a favor when you get out after which you’re a free man. We need you to attack the Miami Mobile company’s database, erase all GPS-related data entirely.”
Edward: “Piece of cake, may I ask what exactly is the purpose of that?”
Dexter: “None of your business. You do what you’re told and that’s that.”
Edward: “Sure… I still don’t see how you’re going to get me out of here.”
Dexter: “Like you said, piece of cake. You’ll see. Call your lawyer first thing in the morning and have him request a secondary expertise on the evidence. You’ll be free in less than 2 hours after that. Guaranteed.”
Edward: “Alright…”


10th January 2012
Miami Metro Police Department
8:04 AM

Special Agent Pelle Cophs was sitting in his officer when his phone rang. He picked it up.

Pelle Cophs: “Yes? … You don’t say … Now why does that name sound so familiar? … I’ll be there within 20 minutes.”

He left immediately.

10th January 2012
Guerrero Manor
8:22 AM

Police cars were parked outside the Guerrero Manor. Rose Guerrero, daughter of Carlos was there, crying… Agent Cophs arrived as one of the officers was talking to Rose.

Rose: “Please, officer, find my daddy. I know he did some bad things, but he deserves a chance to live.”
Officer: “We’re working as hard as we can, rest assured we will find out what happened to your father.”
Pelle Cophs pulled out his badge.
Pelle Cophs: “Agent Pelle Cophs, FBI, I’ll take it over from here, officer.”
Officer: “FBI? What’s the bureau’s interest in this case?”
Pelle Cophs: “I’m investigating the murder of Police Captain Maria LaGuerta. I believe this case may be connected.”
Officer: “Alright.”
Pelle Cophs: “Officer, tell me everything you know so far about this case.”
Officer: “We were called by Rose Guerrero, Carlos Guerrero’s daughter. She reported him missing, last seen Saturday, that’s 7th January.
Pelle Cophs: “Interesting… I know who Carlos Guerrero is, he was convicted of abducting and attempting to murder Sergeant James Doakes 5 years ago.”
Officer: “James Doakes? The Bay Harbor Butcher?”
Pelle Cophs: “That’s correct, officer. Served 5 years until paroled recently. He’s also been suspected of drug trafficking, conspiracy and murder over the years, but never proven. Have you interviewed Carlos’ bodyguards or driver?”
Officer: “They won’t say a word. Code of the streets.”
Pelle Cophs: “We’ll see about that. I’m going to have a word with Rose first, she’s never been involved in the ‘family business’ so she’s probably the only one willing to answer questions.”

Cophs went to interview Rose.

Pelle Cophs: “Miss Guerrero, I’m Special Agent Pelle Cophs, I’d like to talk about your father’s disappearance.”
She was still sobbing.
Rose: “Sure…”
Pelle Cophs: “When did you last see him?”
Rose: “Last Saturday. Spoke to him at around noon, I think. He dropped me off at Miami Central Mall, then left.”
Pelle Cophs: “Did anyone see him after that?”
Rose: “My father has two bodyguards at all times. Jose Alejandro Garcia and Miguel Santiago. His personal drive is Antonio Santiago, Miguel’s brother.”
Pelle Cophs: “Thank you, Rose, I’ll take it from here, go inside while I interview them.”

She went inside. Pelle Cophs went to interview the driver and bodyguards.

Pelle Cophs: “Special Agent Pelle Cophs, FBI, I’d like to ask you a few questions.”
The three men did not say a word.
Pelle Cophs: “Why is your boss missing? You were the last three known people to see him.”
The men again refused to respond.
Pelle Cophs: “I asked you a question.”
Antonio Santiago broke the silence and responded.
Antonio: “We don’t like cops or feds, so how’s about you fuck off, pendejo?”
Jose Alejandro Garcia: “Are we under arrest? No? Then we are free to go.”
Pelle Cophs: “Alright tough guys, you think you’re so smart? You, over there…” he said, pointing to Miguel “You’re awfully quiet and nervous. You’re coming with me.”
Miguel was not the brightest of them so he responded with violence. Pelle immediately had him subdued and took him to a squad car where he would question him.

Pelle Cophs: “Alright, asshole, the way I see it, you’re looking at 5 years minimum in the can for assaulting a federal agent and that’s just getting started.”
Miguel still did not say a word.
Pelle Cophs: “Still quiet? Code of the streets, eh? Let’s see just how loyal you really are to it. Because we found drugs in the back of your vehicle, which is co-owned by your brother Antonio. You might still get off easily, but your brother could be back in a prison for a much longer time due to parole violation.”
Miguel: “Fuck you!”
Pelle Cophs: “Oh? ‘Fuck you!’ That’s the best comeback you could come up with you dumb half-witted drug pedaling fuck? Well, it can get much worse for you and your family. If you don’t start cooperating soon, I will hand over your mother’s file to Immigration Services and have her deported. And that wife of yours, Graciela? I can have her dragged downtown in handcuffs and interrogated real hard, with the cameras off, who knows what other details about your life I will find.”
Miguel: “Please no.” he said, visibly softened up.
Pelle Cophs: “What’s that? You surrender Mr. Santiago? Here’s the deal. Tell me what happened to your boss and you won’t have a problem with me. Off the record of course, what happened to Mr. Carlos Guerrero?”
Miguel: “Okay. Okay. No more. It was Saturday night, around midnight I think. We were driving Carlos home and when he got a strange phone call and started panicking. Something about his daughter Rose, we couldn’t understand what was said. He ordered us to stop the car and told us to drive away. That’s the last we saw of him.”
An officer signaled Cophs to come into the manor.
Pelle Cophs: “Wait here a moment.”
There it was in the hall. A suitcase filled with 100.000$ in cash.
Pelle Cophs: “Well, this is something worth looking into.”

Pelle Cophs took out his cell phone to make an important call to the Records and Identification Bureau.

Pelle Cophs: “This is Special Agent Pelle Cophs, badge number 1249.”
Records and Identification Bureau: “How may I help you, Agent Cophs?”
Pelle Cophs: “I’d like to check all recent banking activity of a Mr. Carlos Guerrero.”
Records and Identification Bureau: “One moment, Agent Cophs … Carlos Guerrero withdrew 100.000$ in cash from an ATM run by the Miami First National Bank at 0:37 AM, 8th of January 2012. No further activity after that.”
Pelle Cophs: “Thank you, I’ll take it from here.”

Who the hell takes out that much cash at such an hour he asked himself. Did his driver and bodyguards coerce him? If so, why was the money returned? There was much more to find out about this so Pelle Cophs insisted on interviewing Miguel’s brother, Antonio. He would have to play it a bit deceptively to get Antonio to talk.

Pelle Cophs: “You know, Antonio, I get it that you don’t like to talk to me, but your brother, Miguel? The way I see it, he coerced your boss into withdrawing 100.000$ in cash. And then her murdered him and disposed of the body.”
Antonio was nervous.
Antonio: “No, that never happened.”
Pelle Cophs: “You’re lying Antonio, we found a briefcase full of that money in Miguel’s possession.”
Antonio: “Bullshit, you don’t have any briefcase.”
Pelle Cophs went to grab the briefcase and opened it right in front of him.
Antonio: “Dios mio! No, Miguel would never be so reckless to pull a stunt like that. You’re only trying to frame him.”
Pelle Cophs: “Antonio, you better start cooperating with me or I’ll see to it that your brother gets 25-to-life.”
Antonio: “Jesus, okay man, I’ll tell you what really happened, I’ll answer all your questions, just leave my brother out of this and don’t tell anyone else I talked.”
Pelle Cophs: “I’m all ears.”
Antonio: “Miguel was with us the night Carlos disappeared, it couldn’t have been him. Look man, Carlos freaked out after a phone call and left us. It was around midnight.”
Pelle Cophs: “Mr. Guerrero withdrew 100.000$ in cash at 0:37 AM. Do you know anything about that?”
Antonio: “No! How could we? Even if we stole it you think we’d leave it around here for you to find it?”
Pelle Cophs: “Next question, does Mr. Guerrero often panic like that?”
Antonio: “Never!”
Pelle Cophs: “You’re lying, Antonio, you’ve been his driver for at least 10 years, you must know more than that.”
Antonio: “Okay, I only ever seen him panic on three occasions. Just three.”
Pelle Cophs: “Really?”
Antonio: “One time when Rose, his daughter, was sick, another time when Rose was in hospital and finally…”
Pelle Cophs: “Yes?”
Antonio: “There was this random shootout at a restaurant 2 years ago. That made Carlos worry for a while but only because he thought Rose was in the restaurant. She wasn’t actually, but being locked up… news doesn’t get around so easy.”
Pelle Cophs: “Hmm, I’m seeing a pattern here. He seems to have a weakness for his daughter. What can you tell me about the phone call Guerrero received the night he disappeared?”
Antonio: “I dunno, but it was a heated discussion with his yelling something about Rose and giving her back.”
Pelle Cophs: “But, Rose is safe.”
Antonio: “That’s all I know I swear.”
Pelle Cophs: “Thank you for your time, Mr. Santiago. If you’re lying I’ll find out.”

Pelle Cophs called R&I again and found out that Guerrero had made several calls to Rose the night he disappeared. He went to interview Rose a second time.

Pelle Cophs: “Rose, I need to ask you some very delicate questions.”
Rose: “Delicate questions? What do you mean?”
Pelle Cophs: “Did you know your father made some calls to you at around midnight, the night before he disappeared?”
Rose: “I’m sorry I don’t know anything about that. I fell asleep at around 11:00 PM.”
Pelle Cophs: “Was your phone stolen?”
Rose: “Not that I know of, I found it in the exact spot I left it when I woke up at 8:30 AM.”
Pelle Cophs: “Rose, did you know your father withdrew 100.000$ in cash and that cash somehow found its way here?”
Rose: “No… what’s going on?”
Pelle Cophs: “Did you know your father got a call from a disposable cell phone the night he disappeared? The person on the other side threatened him with something, Rose, he was talking about harming you in some way. That’s when your father got out of the car and was never seen again.”
Rose: “Oh my God!” she started crying again. “But I don’t know anything about that.”
Pelle Cophs: “Do you have a boyfriend, Rose?”
Rose: “No, broke up with my last one months ago.”
Pelle Cophs: “Was he abusive or manipulative to you in any way?”
Rose: “No, we broke up but remained on extremely good terms. He would never be involved in something like this.”
Pelle Cophs: “Rose, this is purely hypothetical but, what are the odds that you and your ex-boyfriend faked an abduction to get his money?”
Rose: “No! That’s absurd, mister. I would never…”
Pelle Cophs: “And then you killed him. You killed him because he’s a bad person, a drug trafficker and murderer. You couldn’t stand the sight of him so you eliminated him.”
Rose: “No! No! No! No! No! I would never do that to my own daddy! You know, I’m Catholic, I take my faith seriously and my father may not have been the perfect man but he was no abusive father.”
Pelle Cophs: “Thought so, Rose. Truth is, I’m only testing you. My duty requires that I leave no stones unturned. Do you know a Sergeant James Doakes?”
Rose: “Yeah! Everyone in America knows him, the Bay Harbor Butcher. He came to our church once and accused my father of being a murderer. Said he would never play by the rules. But isn’t he dead?”
Pelle Cophs: “He is, Rose. His accomplice might not. Now, my final questions to you are, does your phone company record GPS data?”
Rose: “No, every time we bought a new phone my father specifically rejected that feature.”
Pelle Cophs: “I’m not surprised. Your father was a very bad man. He didn’t want anybody recording his whereabouts.”
Rose: “How can you judge him? You don’t know him.”
Pelle Cophs: “Were you kidnapped or threatened in any way on the night your father disappeared?”
Rose: “No, I was in bed the entire time.”
Pelle Cophs: “I am working out a theory of what might have happened that night, but I need a blood sample from you urgently and I need your full consent. Without it, I don’t believe I can pursue this theory further.”
Rose: “Okay, anything to find out what happened to my father.”

10th January 2012
Miami Metro Police Department, Computer Crimes Division
1:04 PM

Attorney Salzman: “Lieutenant Harold Maine, your department is a disgrace, arresting my client on evidence that can’t even be found let alone verified. As such, I have filed for the immediate release of my client Edward Giles. Read it and weep.” The judge ordered his immediate release.
Harold Maine: “Very well, Miss Salzman.”
Edward: “Yes! I’m free!” he said with excitement.
Attorney Salzman: “Don’t say another word, Edward, it’s time to leave.”

Outside me and Deb were waiting for him.

Edward: “Thank you Martin. Thank you Brenda. I will gladly take care of this problem you have.”
Debra: “Yeah, you fucking better, we haven’t torched that laptop yet.”
Edward: “Rest assured, nobody will ever see that company’s GPS records ever again. I’m a professional at this.”
Dexter: “Good. Call this number when you’re done.” I hand him over the number to one of my untraceable disposable cell phones
Edward: “Great” He smiled. “Catch you later.”

He then left. I still had several hours of work, but I managed to set up a kill room later that day around 6 PM.

10th January 2012
Debra’s Home
8:20 PM

Later that night me and Deb were waiting for Edward to call, telling us that the problem had been taken care of. And it happened.

Dexter: “Hello.
Edward: “I’ve taken care of that problem, Martin.”
Dexter: “Good.”
Edward: “You’ll… destroy that laptop for me now right?”
Dexter: “Yes. If possible we need to meet once more…”

I texted him the address and he came at about 9 o’clock. Deb insisted on coming with me to help. She knew the case better so I trusted her with making all the necessary arrangements, the news stories about the dead women, their pictures, names, everything.

10th January 2012
Undisclosed Warehouse, Miami
9:29 PM

There he is, waiting for us. He is quickly subdued with a dose of M-99 and wrapped in plastic within minutes. He would wake up several hours later. Meanwhile, Debra grew restless.

Debra: “Dex, what gives? Kill him and let’s be done with it.”
Dexter: “No, not yet. It isn’t time. He must be awake.”
Debra: “Do you always do this? What’s with this long-ass fucking voodoo ritual?”
Dexter: “He’s a murderer. He must know what he has done before I plunge my knife into his heart.”
Debra: “Is that it? You like seeing the terror in their eyes before they die? So it really has nothing at all to do with justice. Jesus fucking Christ, Dex, you’re sicker than I thought.”
Dexter: “Deb, go home. You shouldn’t be here, I got this.”
Debra: “No! We’re in it together this time.”

Edward Giles soon regains consciousness.

Dexter: “Wake up, Edward Giles!”
Edward: “Martin!? Brenda!? What gives, what have you done to me, why am I naked and restrained on a table? Help!”
Debra: “You know why you’re fucking here. Dex, this fucking ritual of yours is taking way too long just fucking kill Edward and let’s get out of here before anyone turns up.” Nervous as always, but that lack of inhibition to kill I found… disturbing. She’s always hesitated. Ray Speltzer, LaGuerta, what changed now?
Edward: “I don’t know why I’m here!” he yells out hysterically.
Dexter: “The women in those photos? You raped and killed them. So now you must pay for what you’ve done.”
Edward: “Kill? What are you talking about? I’ve never hurt anyone.”
Dexter: “You’re in denial, it’s not going to help you.” I said as I prepared to plunge a sharp object into his frail and soon to be lifeless body.
Edward: “Look, look, I do recognize those women but I never hurt them. Yes, they both died close to home, but…”

Debra grabbed a piece of cloth and stuffed it into his mouth before he could speak any further.

Dexter: “Deb, this is not how I do things, I need to control this.” I said, removing that piece of cloth from his mouth. Debra was not pleased.
Edward: “Listen! Please! I followed the news of those murders, the real killer has been caught for months, do you understand me? Caught!”
Dexter: “What are you talking about?”
Edward: “Some guy called Fred Sherman, he’s the real killer, the FBI got him months ago. You’re making a huge mistake. Look him up. The guy even confessed.”

He didn’t appear to be lying. But I must admit, I never researched the case myself, I let Deb do it for me. I put the knife down and quickly log on a news site from my phone. He isn’t lying. This Fred Sherman was the real murderer. Debra has deceived me to get me to kill a witness. I turn my look to her.

Dexter: “Deb? Did you lie to me about who Edward Giles was?”
Debra begins weeping.
Debra: “Yes…”
Dexter: “He doesn’t meet the code.”
Debra: “Exactly, Dex, I knew you wouldn’t approve and after all we’ve been through I just couldn’t let you leave a witness.”
Edward: “Get me down form here you two psychos! Let me go! Let me go!”
Dexter: “Deb, I can’t kill any more innocent people…”
Debra: “No…” she said, followed by a long pause. “But I…”

She then grabbed my knife and stabbed Edward in the chest.

Debra: “I can, Dex…”
Dexter: “Deb…”
Debra: “Yes, Dexter?”
Dexter: “Who are you now?”

Ever since New Years Eve I’ve been asking myself that question. ‘Who is Deb now?’ What is Deb now? If I still believed in such a thing as a ‘dark passenger’ I would also ask myself… is she developing one?

CHAPTER 7: Hello, Joseph Quinn

3rd June 2012
Dexter’s Apartment
8:22 AM

SWAT Unit: “Go! Go! Go!”

Pelle Cophs: “Dexter Morgan, you are under arrest on multiple counts of premeditated murder, accessory to murder, kidnapping, conspiracy and fraud. You have the right to…”

14th May 2013
Florida State Court, USA
4:18 PM

Reporter: “…as we are waiting outside the courthouse for the verdict in what is surely the biggest criminal case in the history of…”

Protester No. 1: “Free the Dark Defender! Free Dexter Morgan!”
Protester No. 2: “Morgan took out the trash that you ungrateful fascist pigs couldn’t!”

Prosecutor Gellarman: “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you have all seen the overwhelming evidence of Mr. Morgan’s wrongdoings. In my closing statement, I’d just like to say that, whatever crimes the victims of these hideous acts of vigilante murder may or may not have committed, it is important to remember that no man is above the law or the Constitution of the United States of America.”

I would often dream of what the future had in store for me in great detail, of how my life as a serial killer, the Bay Harbor Butcher, would come to an end…

Judge Orwald: “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, have you reached a verdict?”
Juror No. 1, Stanley Ambers: “Yes, your Honor, we have. We find the defendant, Dexter Morgan, guilty of all counts on the indictment.”

It almost never turned out well. No happy ending. Of all the end game scenarios fabricated in my mind, I’d typically get killed or caught… or both… Sometimes I’d be able to run away to a distant third world country where nobody would find me, at least not for ten years or so… But in doing so I’d be leaving Deb, Harrison, my whole family, my career behind…

Judge Orwald: “The court finds that the mitigating circumstances are far outweighed by the aggravating ones, considering that you, Dexter Morgan, a forensics expert abused your position as a blood-spatter analyst within the Miami Metro Police Department to obtain personal information of your victims and use that information in order to stalk and murder them in cold blood. What also adds to the gravity of the situation is that someone with a career in law enforcement such as yourself should clearly understand the importance of the rule of law. Neither were your intentions truly rooted in justice.”

This time, I fear something else.

Judge Orwald: “Dexter Morgan, for your crimes against the state of Florida and against the whole of the United States of America, this court hereby sentences you to death by means of lethal injection.”

No. Not that. I have to make sure that Debra is never dragged down with me. Rule number one, don’t let Debra get caught.

Judge Orwald: “Debra Morgan, this court sentences you to life imprisonment without possibility of parole due to accessory to the murder of Travis Marshall as well as the murder of Police Captain Maria LaGuerta.”
Dexter: “No!”

Dexter: “No!” I awake at last, shaken a bit.

11th January 2012
Dexter’s Apartment
8:02 AM

‘What have I done?’ I thought to myself still remembering the incident from last night. It’s one thing to be an accessory to murder after the fact, but to rapidly progress into second degree murder, then into the kind of premeditated murder that even Harry would never approve of… I’ve created a monster… Still, she’s a lot more human than I am, far more emotional and prone to mistakes, I can only hope to control her darkness now. But what could have caused such a fundamental shift in her priorities? Then it hit me. I remembered what she said a month ago.

Debra: “…I’m in love with you!”

11th January 2012
Debra’s Home
8:58 AM

I knock on the door.

Debra: “Dex, what are you doing here? We should be getting ready for work.”
Dexter: “We need to talk.”
Debra: “About what?”
Dexter: “About you, Deb. About what you said a while ago, that you’re ‘in love’ with me.”
Debra: “Yes…” Tears appeared in her eyes.
Dexter: “So this is what it’s all about isn’t it? Why you kill for me and why you kept Hannah from me…”
Debra: “Dexter, she fucking poisoned me!” she objected.
Dexter: “She wouldn’t have before you pushed. Deb, you know that me and you, we could never be together. We might not be biological brothers, but I just don’t don’t feel the same way.”
Debra didn’t respond.
Dexter: “Deb, do you… really care that much about putting Hannah away? Is it truly justice that drives you?”
Debra: “No, Dexter, for fuck’s sake, but it’s not selfishness either. Even without me, Hannah would still be a threat to you, to Harrison, to everyone around her. She’s never had a boyfriend that she didn’t betray and she’s got the same urge to kill as you do. You’ll never contain that indefinitely.”
Dexter: “I must try at least, Deb. Help me make this right. Make a truce with Hannah.”
Debra: “And what about your family?”

I thought long and hard about it and in the end came to this decision.

Dexter: “Deb, trust me. Let Hannah go free. I have a way to verify once and for all if she’s loyal or not.”
Debra: “And how do we do that? Remove the pen from evidence? Don’t we have more than enough on our plate now?”
Dexter: “We’ll replace it with a normal pen. The case will fall apart. They’ll have to let her go.”
Debra: “She’s a fucking fugitive, Dex. Even if the case is dismissed, she’ll still have to face charges for breaking out of custody.”
Dexter: “Still better than facing life without parole.”
Debra: “And how the fuck are we going to find her? She could be all the way to fucking Argentina by now.”
Dexter: “Remember that plant she sent? Yeah, there was a note with an address written down on the bottom. I think I know how to find her.”
Debra: “Well, it’s not going to happen today, we got plenty of cases to solve back at work. We should get going.”

Things were pretty quiet for the rest of the day, I didn’t see Agent Cophs around that day but I could feel his presence, snooping around the city of Miami, getting closer to the truth…

11th January 2012
Federal Bureau of Investigation, Miami Headquarters
10:11 AM

Laboratory Analyst: “Sir, I have the results on the blood sample you requested.”
Pelle Cophs: “Okay, what have we got?”
Laboratory Analyst: “Small traces of M-99, sir. Everything else looks normal.”
Pelle Cophs: “Son of a… Alright, thank you for your help, I’ll take it from here.”
Laboratory Analyst: “You’re welcome, sir.”

12th January 2012
Miami Metro Police Department, Homicide
9:59 AM

Pelle Cophs: “So, Lieutenant Debra Morgan, I was hoping you could answer a few questions for me.”
Debra: “Sure, I’ll do my best.” she said slightly nervous.
Pelle Cophs: “Where were you on the night that Captain Maria LeGuerta was killed?”
Debra: “I was at Sergeant Angel Batista’s party.” Cophs looked at her with deep incredulity.
Pelle Cophs: “You were there all night? Why are you withholding information from me, miss? All the witnesses I’ve interviewed said you left at around 11:00 PM and came back to the party shortly before midnight. What happened during that one hour window? Tell me.” he demanded.
Debra: “I went to get my brother, Dexter.”
Pelle Cophs: “Dexter… Of course. And why did he not come sooner? For that matter, why didn’t LaGuerta come sooner, or at all? Sergeant Batista can testify to inviting both of them along with many others in your department. They were the only two who didn’t show up on their own… All of this seems very suspicious to me…”
Debra: “Look, there had been a lot of tension between Dex and Maria. They wanted to avoid each other for a while until things cooled down.”
Pelle Cophs: “And how about the tension between yourself and Maria LaGuerta? What can you tell me about that.”
Debra: “I don’t know what you mean, Agent Cophs.”

Agent Cophs did not take too kindly to that answer.

Pelle Cophs: “You’re full of shit, Morgan. Alright, I’m just going to call it out. What? You did not know she had a search warrant issued on your and your brother’s cellphones to track the GPS data on the night of Travis Marshall’s death?”
Debra: “What? She did?”
Pelle Cophs: “Don’t play dumb, I can see right through you. You’re lying about something. Now, you wanna know another big fucking coincidence I can’t understand?”
Debra: “…”
Pelle Cophs: “I actually pursued the search warrants myself earlier this morning. Warrants that I would have found earlier by the way had LaGuerta’s house not burned down under suspicious circumstances. Turns out, there’s no GPS data to track at all. It was all ‘mysteriously’ erased from the system following a cyber attack. And following the release of a suspected hacker due the disappearance of vital evidence.”
Debra: “Well, I wouldn’t know anything about that.”
Pelle Cophs: “Edward Giles. Does that name ring any bell? Strangely, I couldn’t get ahold of him at all yesterday. Another strange fucking disapperance.”
Debra: “Agent Cophs, this is borderline harassment and I won’t stand another fucking second of this. I have done nothing wrong. My brother has done nothing wrong. This department has done nothing wrong!” she yelled back at the man.
Pelle Cophs: “Yes, of course, nobody here has done anything wrong despite the trail of statistically improbable coincidences, suspicious behavior and lack of cooperation with a federal investigation.”

Pelle Cophs took out his notebook.

Pelle Cophs: “What can you tell me about Mr. Raymond Speltzer? Your co-workers tell me you had a particular interest in putting him away.”
Debra: “He was scum. We investigated him for a series of murders, but the charges didn’t stick due to some legal technicalities.”
Pelle Cophs: “And yet he left his job at the cemetery without notice, left his trailer behind, left his money behind, and skipped town never to be seen again? What kind of person does that?”
Debra: “Yeah, it seems strange, but what am I? Speltzer’s keeper?”
Pelle Cophs: “Lieutenant, so you aren’t aware of the pattern of disappearances linked to this department? Isaak Sirko, Victor Baskov, Jordan Chase and that’s just scratching the surface.” Agent Cophs neatly puts his noteback back in his pocket. She opened her mouth but no words came out. “We are done… for now.”

He walked out of Debra’s office.

12th January 2012
Miami Metro Police Department, Homicide
3:11 PM

Later that day he would interview Joey Quinn once again.

Quinn: “You wanted to see me, sir?”
Pelle Cophs: “Yes, have a seat, detective. I hope you are a bit more cooperative than the last time I interviewed you. You’d be surprised to find out what I know about you.”
Quinn: “Sure, I’ll do my best.”
Pelle Cophs: “Let’s go over this again, what do you make of Captain Maria LaGuerta’s murder?”
Quinn: “Nothing…”
Pelle Cophs: “I figured you’d say that. Mr. Quinn, have you ever met Sergeant James Doakes, the Bay Harbor Butcher, in person?”
Quinn: “No, sir, I haven’t. I was practically sent to replace him after his death.”
Pelle Cophs: “True, and yet I just can’t get over the fact that you seemed so evasive in your responses the last time we talked.”
Quinn: “Sir, I don’t know what you’re implying.”
Pelle Cophs: “Mr. Quinn why are you covering for the Morgans? I think you know something that nobody else knows and you don’t want to reveal it.”
Quinn: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” he looked nervous.
Pelle Cophs: “Why are you lying to me, Quinn?”
Quinn: “How can you prove that I am? This is going nowhere.”
Pelle Cophs: “I know that you were romantically involved with Debra Morgan. Your co-workers can testify to that if needed. That’s why you’re covering for her and her brother. Confess!”
Quinn: “So? That proves nothing.”
Pelle Cophs: “Joey Joey boy, you think are so smart. Let’s change the subject for a moment, maybe you’ll feel more cooperative after this. Let’s talk about your recent shooting.”
Quinn: “I’m sure you’ve seen the report. George Novikov tried to shot me so I shot him back. It was self-defense, end of story.”
Pelle Cophs: “Is it now? And on what authority did you enter Mr. Novikov’s office at The Foxhole? You didn’t really have any probable cause or warrant.”
Quinn didn’t answer.
Pelle Cophs: “You know it’s funny because Sergeant Doakes also had a habit of shooting some of his victims and covering it up as self-defense. And he was partnered with the same Angel Batista… You know, those Koshka thugs? They rarely talk. But the girls there were a lot more cooperative. Now, are you going to tell me what I want to hear? Or, do I have to go all the way to Las Vegas, drag your ex-girlfriend Nadia downtown in handcuffs and interrogate her real hard about the incident? You and Sergeant Batista could both go down for this.”
Quinn: “Leave her out of this!” he demanded.
Pelle Cophs: “I think I hit a nerve. You know many of those girls can also testify that you assaulted Mr. Novikov days before you shot him in his office. How do you think that would look in court?”
Quinn: “I didn’t do anything wrong!”
Pelle Cophs: “You’re lying through your teeth, Joseph Quinn, the truth is you’re a crooked cop who did odd jobs for Novikov. But you got romantically involved with one of his Foxhole strippers and he used her to blackmail you.”
Quinn: “No! You can’t prove any of that ever happened!” he interrupted but Cophs continued.
Pelle Cophs: “So you killed him and then shot yourself in the arm to make it look like self-defense and made Batista go along with it.”
Quinn: “You do not have a shred of evidence to support your nutty conspiracy theories.”
Pelle Cophs: “That’s where you’re absolutely wrong.”

Agent Cophs pulled out an audio recorder.

Pelle Cophs: “This was seized from one of Novikov’s properties. Do you need me to play it for you?”

Quinn became increasingly nervous.

Quinn: “That’s… not really necessary.”
Pelle Cophs: “You know I’m the only person still alive to have heard its contents. Things don’t look too good for you, detective Quinn. You took dirty money from Novikov, you tampered with the evidence against Isaak Sirko, and you most certainly murdered Novikov to save your girlfriend as well as cover your own tracks. I could arrest you right here, right now if I wanted to. So you better tell me everything.”
Quinn: “Alright, you’ve made your point, what is it that you want to know, Agent Cophs?”
Pelle Cophs: “Let’s start with the Trinity Killer case, back in 2009, back when Trinity allegedly murdered Rita Morgan, Dexter Morgan’s wife and disappeared. You know I have your file from bureau, you were suspended without pay for breaching a witness protection protocol by contacting Jonah Mitchell, son of the Trinity Killer, Arthur Mitchell. Why?”
Quinn: “Okay, the truth is, I had these theories. Rita’s death looks suspicious.”
Pelle Cophs: “Tell me about it.”
Quinn: “It didn’t match Trinity’s victim pattern, he only killed single, very young women in bathtubs. If Rita had been a random target she would have been forced to jump off a building instead.”
Pelle Cophs: “Yes, please go on. Don’t stop.”
Quinn: “Right, the way I saw it I had two suspicions. One, that Dexter killed his wife to get revenge for flirting with a neighbor.”
Pelle Cophs: “Interesting, do you have name?”
Quinn: “Elliot Peters, his home was right next to Rita’s.”
Pelle Cophs: “I must admit, my colleagues in the bureau dismissed Morgan as a suspect quite early. I on the other hand am not so forgiving. Anything else that lead you to suspect this?”
Quinn: “His 911 call seemed unusual for someone who had just lost his wife. Very emotionally detached… Almost borderline sociopathic.”
Pelle Cophs: “I see. Circumstantial. So what’s your other theory?”
Quinn: “Kyle Butler, the man that used to hang around Arthur Mitchell?”
Pelle Cophs: “Yes, we know of him. We concluded that Trinity murdered him but we never discovered what was the relationship between them.”
Quinn: “Not that guy, he was completely unrelated. I think Kyle Butler is the alias Dexter Morgan used around the Mitchell family. Kyle Butler and Dexter Morgan are one and the same. Trinity didn’t know that at first so that’s why he went after the real Kyle Butler. But by the the time he realized he wasn’t his guy it was too late, he had to get rid of the witness. A case of mistaken identity.”
Pelle Cophs: “And why would Mr. Morgan… yes of course, it all makes sense now…” Agent Cophs said as he sat in his chair thinking.
Quinn: “Are we finished here, sir?”
Pelle Cophs: “No. There’s still much to cover. Don’t even think about getting off that chair. Now, let’s move on to this guy.” he said as he pulled out a file of a very familiar disgraced ex-detective. “Stan Liddy. You were arrested for his murder but cleared as a suspect. And yet you never cooperated with the investigation.”
Quinn: “Yes, it’s called the right to remain silent.”
Pelle Cophs: “Cut the bullshit, why is Stan Liddy dead?”
Quinn: “I don’t know.”
Pelle Cophs: “There you go again lying, Quinn. One more lie out of you and your career is over. Surveillance-related equipment was found in his van that was traced back to you. Multiple phone calls were made between the two of you in the final days leading to his murder.”
Quinn: “Alright! I hired him as a private investigator to pursue Dexter Morgan and his new female friend.”
Pelle Cophs: “You mean girlfriend? That sounds like an awfully short time to start a new relationship after your wife has just been brutally murdered. Who is this woman? And don’t you think it’s a bit strange that Liddy was murdered in his van and much of his surveillance equipment stolen?”
Quinn: “Look, Dexter’s a lab geek, I very much doubt he would be able to subdue Stan.”
Pelle Cophs: “You’re wrong. He’s trained in martial arts. I looked into his background. And you forgot the girl, who is she?”
Quinn: “I can’t remember her name it was Loo-something…”
Pelle Cophs pounded the desk with his fist in anger.
Pelle Cophs: “You expect me to believe that you hired a private investigator, probably payed hundreds of dollars and can’t remember simple details? I need to know who this woman is.”
Quinn: “I really wish I could help you Agent Cophs, but it’s been years since that happened. I’ve moved on.”

Pelle Cophs stood silent for a few seconds just staring into Quinn’s eyes.

Pelle Cophs: “I don’t believe you. You know more than you’re telling me, but we’re making progress so I’ll let you go for now. But you better have something for me soon if you want to keep your job and your freedom. My advice, Mr. Quinn? Don’t try to leave town.”

Quinn walked out of Cophs’ office without saying a word.


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