The Illegitimate President of USA

So Barack Hussein Osama Obama has been re-elected as President of the United States once again. And why should I (Dreamshard) care as Romanian citizen? Why should my co-blogger William Fire care as a British citizen? Well, America, it’s because we love you and we care for the truth.

But this article will not be about Hussein Obama’s disastrous policies, it’s a moot point and Romney’s policies aren’t any better anyway. This is not about which candidate is better than the other, it’s about which candidate was a legitimate candidate and which was not.

You see ladies and gentlemen, to qualify for world’s most powerful position, the American presidency, you must be a natural-born citizen of America, not merely a citizen, but a natural-born citizen. That means you must acquire American citizenship by birth, that is by being born on America soil, and by two parents who are American citizens.

Well, we at the Northern Offensive recently found out three evidences which clearly demonstrate that Obama cannot possibly be a natural-born citizen of America and therefore, his presidency is illegitimate and new elections must be organized ASAP!

Exhibit A: Hussein Obama’s own literary agent slipped up in 1991 and exposed him as having been born in Kenya.

[Born in Kenya Image -]

Yes! That’s right, “BORN IN KENYA”, it says right there in the bio, that is NOT on American soil. It even explicitly says “BORN IN KENYA, and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii”, not “born” in Hawaii, RAISED. Do you people not understand the words “raised” and “born”? Are you mentally deficient princesses?

Checkmate, anti-birthers!

Exhibit B: His dad (Barack Hussein Obama Sr.) is not an American citizen. This is an indisputable fact.

Exhibit C: Obama’s grandmother once testified that Obama was born in Kenya.

And I know I’m right, but I also know my detractors will not touch these three evidences and will insist one of these things:

1. That I’m a racist, which is a blatant lie. If Traian Basescu (a Romanian white person and also not a natural-born citizen of America, in fact not a citizen of America at all) was trying to run for president in America I would criticize him as well and tell Americans the truth.

2. That I like Romney, sorry I don’t.

3. That I’m a tea party, far right-wing conservative, well how can that be true when my political orientation is anarcho-far north?

More evidence that my opinions will be marginalized is that as I am writing this blog post there has been an increase in my surveillance. (Don’t think I cannot see those suitmen through my window on the other rooftop, watching me. Call them off, this is my free speech.) But remember, if you kill me or intimidate me, it will only prove that I am right and you are wrong. Also, as I was about to publish this, my computer froze. Coincidence or conspiracy?

In conclusion, sorry America, you’ve been conned into a lie. The only way to solve it is to set in motion legal procedures for impeachment of “President” Barack Hussein Obama and immediately organize new elections. Also all officials who gave the “green light” for this must be immediately investigated for fraud and possibly treason.

“But the Republicans are bad!” No buts, Obama is not the only Democrat in the world, follow your own laws. Candidates must be natural-born citizens. I’m just telling you truth, it’s up to you if you want to listen or be blind and deaf to the truth.



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