Reptilians: Number one reason for rape?

While the popular consensus is that reptilians are aliens,  it may prove to be far from the truth. Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa, a man from South Africa, claims that he has quite literally “seen and smelled” the reptilians.

Credo Mutwa claims that the reptilians, like us, are Earth-born, rather than being of extraterrestrial origin. As Credo Mutwa said, it makes them even more dangerous as they know the weaknesses of our minds, and the strengths of it.

Indeed, the reptilians harvest our emotions. Wars, chaos, havoc, all those cause a great deal of negative emotions to be released. While this might have grim implications (Reptilians caused all wars including World War 1 and World War 2, Stalin was probably a reptilian himself or manipulated by them), the true danger lies in the emotions released by rape.

Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa claims that if a man is walking with his girlfriend or wife and sees a reptilian, he should make love to his partner to avoid invoking the wrath of the reptilian. Reptilians need our emotions (hmmm, possible link with the Sha of World of Warcraft? We must investigate!), they don’t need us dead.

However, what if the man sees a reptilian while he is NOT out with his wife or girlfriend? Well my friend, the answer is: rape happens. The man gets so scared by the presence of the reptilian that he seeks out the nearest representative of the opposite sex and rapes her. (Though if he is gay, he probably rapes a man). Firstly, this causes positive emotions in the rapist and extreme negative emotions in the victim. Exactly was the reptilians need.

Perhaps when investigating rape cases, we should take in consideration the possibility of reptilians, as to not hand out unfair “justice”. The man perhaps saved not only his life, but the woman’s (or man’s) as well. (For example killing sometimes is done in self-defense, there is currently no legal basis for self-defensive non-consentual sexual activity. None whatsoever.)

The Northern Offensive Team


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