Hello, world indeed!

Greetings traveler and welcome to the Northern Offensive, a blog of social and political commentaries on issues both IRL (in real life) and WoW (World of Warcraft), all from a far north perspective, but fair and balanced.

This blog is owned by us, that is Dreamshard and William Fire (or Wilfire short), so all articles will be written either by one of us and sometimes maybe both.

I am Dreamshard, a Romanian computer science graduate, professional conspiracy theorist, epic World of Warcraft player and professional jobless troll of the Internets. My British friend Wilfire is also an epic World of Warcraft player and professional jobless troll of the Internets, but at least he has a guild so that’s a plus I guess. He is also an aspiring metal star.

A quick history, I found Wilfire a few years ago while hunting down a pug (that’s pick-up-group for the MMO noobs) ninja on some crappy server called Al’Akir. We quickly discovered that we had a similar worldview so we teamed up to fight and expose the system (all systems). Well, not to bore you with all the details, I’m sure Wilfire can fill it in in his next article.

So to make a long story short, we finally decided to create our own blog. Evil world beware and prepare to be crit by the wall of truth soon™: The Northern Offensive!

We have also recently written a book War’s Edge as part of the National Novel Writing Month, it’s about 50k words long and will be posted soon™ for people to read and comment on.

A warning to the sensitive sissies of political correctness: We are not, repeat NOT politically correct, we will not censor ourselves so as not to harm the feelings of minorities and kitchen bitches. We will say what we think and how we think it, so if you disagree, then just don’t read the blog.

Well that’s it for now, enjoy your stay, feel free to comment.




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